Consulting Services

Providing clients with Quality advisory solutions aimed at a cutting edge service delivery for various service industries.

Service Management Consulting

BOD Mogul consults for companies and individuals seeking to improve their service quality and standards for individuals, departments and the organization as a whole. We help build and manage your service delivery units to produce the required standards in meeting the business objective.


Training Advisory Consulting

BOD Mogul offers Training Advisory services to our clients on developing; Skills Development Plans for Companies, Training plans, Training Budgets and projections, as well as the implementations of Change projects, Training Stakeholder decision-making, needs analysis, etc. 


Quality Management Consulting

BOD Mogul’s quality advisory and management services to Clients is the Quality building processes that organisation wishes to implement. From the conduction of the analysis, through the monitoring, assessment and implementation of quality standards, BOD Mogul helps to design and implement the level of quality required by our Clients.


Performance Enhancement Consulting

BOD Mogul helps in developing performance standards, from the front-line of the organisation to the functional units. We help design performance improvement solutions through setting of performance standards, building performance criteria, monitoring, measuring and assessments of performance as well as the implementation of performance enhancing solutions.

Business Development Consulting

BOD Mogul provides our Clients with Business Development consulting services for start-ups seeking to develop the different arms and structure of their organisations; we are the driving force to help achieve that. For Companies already in operation that are considering restructuring, rebranding and re-development, BOD Mogul provides you with all the tools and support in making it possible.